In the refrigerating air-conditioner field, Shanghai General Refrigerating Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. under Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. has carried out cooperation with U. S. Carrier, the one possessing the name as “global AC expert and the father of world AC” as well as the famous Faiveley from France in establishing several joint ventures. Therefore, the technical level of products and design and manufacture level are all in leading positions of the development of air-conditioners. The 45% market occupation in the railway transportation AC system makes the company stably occupy the top position of the industry. The scale advantage is obvious and the development perspective is broad.

Shanghai Refrigerating Machine Co., Ltd. is a subordinate company fully possessed by Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd.. The company is specialized in producing all kinds of refrigerating compressors, unit AC, moist remover, all kinds of cooling water machine set, fan cooling cold and hot water set, hot returned cold and hot water set, assembled freezer, military non-standard products and special low-temperature equipment, etc. The company possesses advanced manufacture and testing equipment, that guarantees the stable improvement of the quality of products.

Carrier Air-conditioner Sales and Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has established a sales and service network covering more than 100 cities in China in the past more than 10 years from 1995 to 2006, providing effective, leading and comfortable solutions. From governmental organs to commercial sites, from luxurious hotels to airport and metros, from the broad factories to high office buildings, people can enjoy the comfortable environment created by Carrier.

Shanghai Yileng Carrier Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a key manufacturer of central air-conditioning in China, and advanced technical type enterprise with foreign investment in Shanghai. Approved by Shanghai Committee of Foreign-related Assets in June 2006, Yileng Carrier formally attracted Shanghai Hezhong Carrier Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd and Shanghai Tonghui Carrier Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd and become the main production base of U. S. Carrier in Asia, producing refrigerating, warming, ventilation equipment and compressor. The annual production comprises integrated central air-conditioning 6,000 sets, light commercial air-conditioner 25,000 sets, 50,000 compressors and terminal AC products of 10 models, 2 categories.
The products of Yileng Carrier adapt the international trend, lead the requirements of domestic market on environmental protection. Depending on Carrier’s technical support, the factory actively introduce new products to China and absorb new projects from U. S. Carrier at the same time. Currently the 30RB/Q turbo machine set and 30XA screw machine set are synchronized new products that are launched to the market in U. S..

Shanghai Faiveley Railway Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in June 1994. It is a sino-foreign joint venture established with the joint investment from Faiveley Transport Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG under Faiveley Group with Shanghai Electric Group General Refrigerating Equipment Co., Ltd. under Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Faiveley is in the leading position in manufacturing railway trunks, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning equipment used for urban railway transportation and door system, etc.
Moreover, Shanghai Faiveley also provides power equipment, fan duct system and software control system, etc.

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